Seattle Seahawks vs Carolina Panthers Week 15 NFL Game Preview

Seattle Seahawks vs Carolina Panthers Week 15 NFL Game Preview
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Seahawks fan 4 Life
Seahawks fan 4 Life - преди месец
Who else immediately went to see How much throws Kyle Allen threw
Austin Kingsbury
Austin Kingsbury - преди месец
The Seahawks are retarded and go Carolina Panthers
darren eveleth
darren eveleth - преди месец
Panthers already down 13-0 no win in this game for us
Steve - преди месец
Jason Myers Had to go!!!! This Little Loser can’t make a PAT!!!! BYE BYE Meyers!!!
Reinaldo Green
Reinaldo Green - преди месец
Clowney has to be the most injury prone defensive player in NFL history. Hardly ever plays more than three games in a row and the only defensive high draft choice that was injured in the first half of his first game and missed most of that year. Dude is a walking injury report. Hawks need to dump him.
Bench Kyle Allen & start Will Grier
WagerTalk TV: Sports Picks and Betting Tips
With HC Ron Rivera having already walked the plank and indications that impatient owner David Tepper might hit the eject button on everyone else in Charlotte including Michael Jordan if he could, now does not seem the time to forecast a late-season Panthers revival. Especially since interim HC Perry Fewell could only coax a feeble effort from his troops last week at Atlanta in what is often a circle-the-wagons situation in the NFL. Even after last Sunday’s loss to the Rams, Seattle still controls its destiny in the NFC West, and had won 6 in a row on the road prior to last week, so expect a quick recovery by Russell Wilson after his first game without a TDP in 2019. “Totals” alert–with the Panthers D about as effective lately as NC State’s, Carolina on 10-4 “over” run; Hawks "over" 15-7 since mid 2018.
Asa Yeager
Asa Yeager - преди месец
If Russel Wilson plays clean the final score will be,
SEA - 31
PAN - 10
Logan Simpkins
Logan Simpkins - преди месец
Should've been that exact score myers missed the extra point and seattle let Carolina score 2 lousy td on them 31-10 spot on
Asa Yeager
Asa Yeager - преди месец
SUBZ3RO - преди месец
29-17 seahawks
Justin Hedges
Justin Hedges - преди месец
Adam Rank...haha. Surprised he still has a job there.
CobrasKrazy - преди месец
SEA!!! comment the rest
Ttv Btw
Ttv Btw - преди месец
Can you like this please
Reef - преди месец
Seahawks 31-27
Fraz Ahmed
Fraz Ahmed - преди месец
Isaac Willis_Gaming
Isaac Willis_Gaming - преди месец
36-0 Seahawks
Lane Hunter
Lane Hunter - преди месец
Seahawks 27 Panthers 10
Changeling35 - преди месец
Panthers need to keep there eyes in the sky
pez 123
pez 123 - преди месец
seahawks 35
panthers 24
Steve Abitante
Steve Abitante - преди месец
The 8th Man Will Be Fine Here 34-7
Ethan Carlo Pike Eugenio
Ethan Carlo Pike Eugenio - преди месец
Seahawks 40-0
Burgermeister And Frees
Burgermeister And Frees - преди месец
The seacrap could blow this one if the defense plays like it did last week
Logan Simpkins
Logan Simpkins - преди месец
Well they played pretty damn good id say
Alfonso Soto-Adame
Alfonso Soto-Adame - преди месец
Easy win for the seagulls don’t care let’s go New England Patriots!!
MetalSonicGamerX200 - преди месец
I'm sorry but Panthers lost this game
Jesse Williams
Jesse Williams - преди месец
Boxing 101
Boxing 101 - преди месец
Hawks need to win out and were 1st seed in the NFC!!!!
Michael MACCHIA - преди месец
Rams messed it up for you guys. 49ers will win tomorrow
Caleb Stout
Caleb Stout - преди месец
The Seahawks got destroyed last week don't worry bout it
Seahawks 37
Panthers 16
No Cap
No Cap - преди месец
Panthers 21
Seahawks 18
McLovin - преди месец
Seattle - 28
Carolina - 17
FunWithGTT - преди месец
As a Panther fan, I hope they win, but I know they are going to lose. We just gotta #keeppounding and try again next year.
Josiah Aidoo
Josiah Aidoo - преди месец
Panthers 28 Seahawks 21 panthers all day
Jared Carrick
Jared Carrick - преди месец
Bet the house on the Panthers to cover. Vegas is currently giving them 6.5 points at home. I understand the 2nd half of this season has been a train wreck for Carolina, but Seattle has been trending in the same direction over the past month. The Seahawks offense has regressed a lot in recent weeks, and their defense is consistently bad (giving up an average of almost 400 YPG along with one of the worst pass rushes in the league) with the occasional bright spots (a forced turnover here or there... usually in garbage time). Seattle may be 10-3, but they are 2-3 missed easy chip shot FGs away from being 8-5 or 7-6... and if you combine that with the fact that they barely eek out wins against trash teams, I think their 10-3 record is a mirage. With all this said, a TD seems a little high for the spread here. Seattle just doesn’t have what it takes to blow anyone out. I think Carolina wins this one, but the Seahawks finally lock down a WC spot week 16 at home against the Cards.
YourDaddy - преди месец
Seahawks 28 Panthers 14
Damian Alarcon
Damian Alarcon - преди месец
Panthers will Upset the seahawks
Damian Alarcon
Damian Alarcon - преди месец
@Seahawks Fan most definitely, You are are very well at guessing
Seahawks Fan
Seahawks Fan - преди месец
Damian Alarcon your probably a 49ers fan
Seahawks Fan
Seahawks Fan - преди месец
Damian Alarcon your a joke
Lyndal Simpson
Lyndal Simpson - преди месец
sehawks 46
panthers 36
Hyper Tense
Hyper Tense - преди месец
After that last hawks game ? Panthers 27-20. Hawks are trash
Michael MACCHIA - преди месец
10-3 isn't necessarily trash. They lost to a good team. Its not like they lost to the Bengals.
iSaidWithExtra Cheese
iSaidWithExtra Cheese - преди месец
We can not lose this game and the cardinals game if we are gonna challenge 49ers for the division title
iSaidWithExtra Cheese
iSaidWithExtra Cheese - преди месец
I wouldn’t underestimate those teams, probably one possession game lol
Savage Danish
Savage Danish - преди месец
And those will probably be pretty easy
Para Dice
Para Dice - преди месец
Seahawks 28-11
Isaac Orrante
Isaac Orrante - преди месец next nfl star kicker, NFL TEAMS TAKE NOTICE (recent cfl kicker)
gor9027 - преди месец
Panthers are having another second half of the season implosion and the Seahawks are coming off a bad game and fighting to get a first round bye. Should win by at least 2 touchdowns.
G_oatzz Plays
G_oatzz Plays - преди месец
Seahawks 31
Panthers 16
SpongeBob Loud House Party
SpongeBob Loud House Party - преди месец
Go hawks
ᴇɴᴅᴇʀ -
ᴇɴᴅᴇʀ - - преди месец
McCaffrey is going to destroy us 😞
Logan Simpkins
Logan Simpkins - преди месец
@McLovin literally lol they couldn't stop us
McLovin - преди месец
Well you have to remember that we have carson, and the video just said that the panthers are an easy team to run the ball against(no offense panther fans)
alex sogo
alex sogo - преди месец
Seahawksssssss easy win
Malcom Butler
Malcom Butler - преди месец
The Shithawks will probably win because they have the Refs on their payroll since 2012. Never forget the Fail Mary and the Rigged 2013 NFCCG
Malcom Butler
Malcom Butler - преди месец
CMBurnette4 • we ain’t taking no chances 💯
CMBurnette4 •
CMBurnette4 • - преди месец
Malcom Butler Yeah and the Patriots were too scared to lose to the Bengals so they recorded their play calls
Josue Sotelo
Josue Sotelo - преди месец
Panthers 29 Seattle Seahawks 27
Cameron Briglin
Cameron Briglin - преди месец
Seahawks win 28-14
plumb Twisted
plumb Twisted - преди месец
Week 15 picks on my channel
Matthew Lol
Matthew Lol - преди месец
Seahawks - 31
Panthers - 20
Carmen Phillips
Carmen Phillips - преди месец
Wilson is the best go Seahawks
George Ferrera
George Ferrera - преди месец
Seattle Wins 27-24. Gotta keep it close.
FamilyMSV - преди месец
George Ferrera no I need them to cover!!!
The Terminator
The Terminator - преди месец
Y’all niners fans stay hating on the Hawks 😂 y’all know we dangerous so u want us to lose so y’all can take that chance to win the division for the first time in almost a decade.
Malcom Butler
Malcom Butler - преди месец
The Shithawks are only dangerous because they’ve been having the Refs in their back pockets since 2012. If it wasn’t for the Refs the Bitchhawks would be having losing seasons year after year. Never forget the Fail Mary and Rigged 2013 NFC championship game
The Bat Le
The Bat Le - преди месец
Seahawks 30
Panthers 17
Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson - преди месец
Seahawks should win easily ( But who knows !!! ) Go Seahawks
ed hanes
ed hanes - преди месец
Can we PLEEEASE have an easy game???? pretty please
Daniel Sahagun
Daniel Sahagun - преди месец
35-21 seahawks
Ceddy Williams
Ceddy Williams - преди месец
GO HAWKS!!!💙💚💙💚
YKR - преди месец
Have to look towards next season, Panthers should drop Cam, and get a new quarter back while Kyle Allen can either be back up or be traded. We need a better OLine as well as Defense. Our team just sucks. Only good player is MCCaffrey.
Rahul Vikram
Rahul Vikram - преди месец
Seahawks always make it a close game
Lelei808 - преди месец
Seahawks40 Panthers16
Ballsdeep Singh
Ballsdeep Singh - преди месец
237-13 Panthers.
CMC 532 all purpose yards