Jimmy Garoppolo vs. Drew Brees Incredible QB Shootout! | NFL 2019 Highlights

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Drew Brees and Jimmy G took it to the wire. Brees threw for 349 yards, 5 passing TDs & 1 rushing TD, while Jimmy G also threw for 349 yards and 4 TDs. The San Francisco 49ers take on the New Orleans Saints during Week 14 of the 2019 NFL season.
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Rico C
Rico C - преди ден
Forward Jimmy G haters here.
MrSportsGuy13 - преди ден
This is proof that the 49ers can get in a shootout with Mahomes and win.
Pamela Cassise
Pamela Cassise - преди 3 дни
Garoppolo, Italian and better looking than Brady. OMG! He is a great GB. Please stay healthy. Nice to see 49er's back.
Ismael Ortiz
Ismael Ortiz - преди 14 дни
Thiz saturday Jimmy G and Sanders will be on fire.
They aint even knowing.
Our D will be too much for cuz .
49ERS EMPIRE - преди месец
It's a dang shame we did that to the Saints and then we let the Falcons do what they did to us
joel champagne
joel champagne - преди месец
On the next drive holding on cam Jordan. If not it was a sack. The 49s didn't win. The refs did
joel champagne
joel champagne - преди месец
Offensive pi of the 75 yard pass. Pushed the defender down to catch it.
Brian Cultice
Brian Cultice - преди месец
Saints D plays dirty as hell... and they kinda blow too.
Zay - преди месец
Best duel this season!
Jonathan Jorgenson
Jonathan Jorgenson - преди месец
Awesome game!
Jonathan Morales
Jonathan Morales - преди месец

Annoying ass Sean Payton: Arguing about referees even though his team took the lead with 54 seconds remaining.

No excuses when you take the lead and defense has a shot to put the game away.
Ryan Flanagan
Ryan Flanagan - преди месец
Maximilion Pegasus
Maximilion Pegasus - преди месец
I’m so sick and tired of the Saints being good then choking when it counts.
Kaleo Delatori
Kaleo Delatori - преди месец
Every time i see that play to cook i wish tart never got hurt
Ben Struck
Ben Struck - преди месец
Saints are the best team I ever saw at losing games they should have won. They are not winning the super bowl I guarantee it.
Meka Lid
Meka Lid - преди месец
You don't know that..
Bong Shapiro
Bong Shapiro - преди месец
rich commies havin fun.
MEGAFATG - преди месец
Why don’t they show field goal at the end?
Rob Lucas
Rob Lucas - преди месец
Pornstar jimmy G
Is a bonafide 2 🏆🏆time superbowl champion ✅
1 more 🏆? He’s half way to Tom. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Brees 🏆 Rodgers 🏆 Wilson 🏆
Mahomes Lamar Watson 0
Kaire Cheneau
Kaire Cheneau - преди месец
It’s sad man. They threw to Apple s the whole game. Literally look at the highlights they threw right to him.
Kaire Cheneau
Kaire Cheneau - преди месец
J nasty Yeet He is obligated to give one up. Good boxout by Bourne
J nasty Yeet
J nasty Yeet - преди месец
Kaire Cheneau lattinore got scored on top
Lycan4647 - преди месец
To all Saints fans who are claiming Drew outplayed Jimmy you're wrong. Although Drew is a legend both QBs had 349 yards passing. Difference is instead of passing the entire time we had one rushing TD from our RB and a pass from Emanuel. If we had thrown more on those drives Jimmy would have had 6 TDs and more yards your QB was outplayed. Failed to execute two different 2 point conversions and would have had two interceptions if our players didn't have butterfingers on defense that game. Jimmy made less mistakes and was just all around a better performer this game Drew was outplayed :)
Lycan4647 - преди месец
Remember guys Jimmy G is the "Weak link" 😂 Check the stats fuckers he's had a great year and is only getting better
David Cutaia
David Cutaia - преди месец
tHE 49ErS shOULD TrAdEz KiTTlez and boSA for LeVeon BeLL
Niners Robb
Niners Robb - преди месец
No 9ne in the history of ever said that.
Aniekeme Udoko
Aniekeme Udoko - преди месец
they not marching in lol.... oh when them aints and the 40 whiners plays us old school Wild Wild NFC WEST Showdown !!!! #RISEUP
Aniekeme Udoko
Aniekeme Udoko - преди месец
hey 40 whiners i see yall beat them aints.... we dat beat dem aints too in New Orleans #RISEUP
Pascal22 - преди месец
NFL commentators be like:
Jimmy G is Not Impressive because he is not Rodgers.
Alexandre Karam
Alexandre Karam - преди месец
The best game of the year!
Wutzmyname Mike
Wutzmyname Mike - преди месец
Stephen A Smith says Eli played better than Jimmy against the Eagles
HamburgersR Good
HamburgersR Good - преди месец
Every game the Niners play in is the game of the year.
Jn Hg
Jn Hg - преди месец
I think the Niners defense had more miss tackles in last two game than that other 11 games combined.
Maximum Blaster
Maximum Blaster - преди месец
I'm truly amazed by Jimmy G's evolution through time, I honestly gave him a couple of years before going to permanent second string, needless to say, this guy prove me wrong.
Brandon Hare
Brandon Hare - преди месец
This was a great game, but would not have had the same results if the Saints would just GET RID OF ELI APPLE!!!!! The 49ers entire offense was throwing to him in coverage and it works because he is the worst corner in the league. I wish the Saints would realize that and put literally anybody else in.
Timmy Tom
Timmy Tom - преди месец
When you go toe to toe with a legend like Brees at his backyard, you're a good QB. I'm glad Jimmy G is my QB, he's way better than Trubisky, Goff, and Wentz imo. The dude is a winner and when you need him to make a great play, he will make them. Even without Sanders and Kittle to throw to, he got the 49ers in position to win the game against the Hawks. The dude will win us a SB.
TooMuchLean - преди месец
Saints should’ve known they were playing the niners. We’ve made so many game winning drives.
N Sandoval
N Sandoval - преди месец
Kittle you are a BEAST!! Let's keep this up!!
Viktor Zlatinov
Viktor Zlatinov - преди месец
Garappolo💪❤️ Go 49ers🥰😍❣️
Chris Nguyen
Chris Nguyen - преди месец
Delete this FAM or get reported.
The Piper Report
The Piper Report - преди месец
Even with Marshon Lattimore the Saints secondary looked terrible. It was like someone grabbed a bunch of random players and said "Okay, you are going to be cornerbacks and safeties. Go get 'em!" No teamwork at all
TheLadsBand4ever - преди месец
2:59 and then the 49ers magically had 28 points.
NinerByNature 88
NinerByNature 88 - преди месец
They skipped Raheem Mostert rushing touchdown
Ramisi Gomes
Ramisi Gomes - преди месец
Yeah they skipped a TD lol
gor9027 - преди месец
Please let there be a playoff rematch next month and if the Niners win the West we get another matchup in 2020.
Yung Percy Music
Yung Percy Music - преди месец
Best FUCKN game of the year no doubt that's the NFC Championship game right there
REB4 - преди месец
Memories of the 2011 Game of the Year in the Playoffs 49ers vs Saints, with Alex Smith running that QB keeper and then Catch lll with Vernon Davis. 49er TEs are not their friend.
REB4 - преди месец
Memories of the 2011 Game of the Year in the Playoffs 49ers vs Saints, with Alex Smith running that QB keeper and then Catch lll with Vernon Davis. 49er TEs are not their friend.
Kalisbest PTTKoj
Kalisbest PTTKoj - преди месец
9ers fan here. Jimmy G plays lights out football but 9ers D was a no show. What a disappointment. If 9ers play against pocket QBs, it is an automatic win but when vs elite mobile qbs they struggle, 0-2. 9ers Got to improve in this area bc Ravens or Chiefs will be the super bowl opponent.
Tim Michael
Tim Michael - преди месец
What aggravates me the most about this game is that the Saints defense played so badly that Drew Brees crazy insane game is going overlooked.
Tim Michael
Tim Michael - преди месец
@The Piper Report Brees got robbed in 2011 and doesn't get near the recognition he deserves. Ultimately we hurt ourselves with a little ref help. The defense still can't give up 48 regardless. There should have been a holding on a punt but the defense still had 50 or so yards to stop them from scoring. They turned our turnover into a td and we turned theirs into a field-goal. Penalties are killing us though. I think I remember the broadcast showing a graphic about us leading the league in penalties that become first downs and that can't happen.
The Piper Report
The Piper Report - преди месец
That's pretty much Drew Brees career with the Saints. Look at his stats from 2009 - 2014. Multiple 5k passing yard seasons. Most touchdowns, etc. I have no idea how Aaron Rodgers got MVP over Brees in 2011. Brees had him on everything but passer rating I think. More completions, higher percentage, over 1500 more yards, etc etc. But yeah, if Saints defense didn't get those two dumb penalties that cost a touchdown and if they knew how to tackle properly Saints would have won. Those penalties are what's killing us. There were some bad/no calls, but there were some obvious calls that should not have happened.. I think penalties lost us the game
Tim Michael
Tim Michael - преди месец
As a Saints fan this was a heck of a game. Great offenses and players on both sides. Stephen A is an idiot for taking shots at Sean Payton. His takes are wrong 95 percent of the time.
Ryan Koplien
Ryan Koplien - преди месец
game of the year
The Big Man
The Big Man - преди месец
Brees is 40 yrs old throwing darts
luke wilson
luke wilson - преди месец
he was 76% for 359 yards and 6 TDs....he is a god.
popados - преди месец
3:03 great 1on1 block from Kittle on Jordan.
Gargle Gargle
Gargle Gargle - преди месец
I cant wait for us to play each other in the nfc championship, except with no injuries and a full squad on both sides, that match will be LEGENDARY!!! Congrats this times 49ers but next time the result may not he thr same 😏🤫😂 #whodatnation
Chris Nguyen
Chris Nguyen - преди месец
Na it will be the Rams and we will whoop either one of you. When the Rams are hot, we are unstoppable. Beside Goff have outplay Brees on multiple occassion.
The Piper Report
The Piper Report - преди месец
Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Theoretical Physicist - Perhaps. But I'm hoping Seahawks win the rest of their games, Saints win the rest of their games, and Packers lose either to Vikings or Bears. If that happens then Saints get the top seed. But Seattle needs to win out, they need to win out, and Packers need to lose one game, doesn't matter to who
SheldonCooper - преди месец
Gargle Gargle niners have had big injuries as well some season ending on defense...just remember that if they do play again the odds are it’ll be in SF
Playboi Polo
Playboi Polo - преди месец
I made a video getting George kittle X factor activated in madden 20
luke wilson
luke wilson - преди месец
Brees > garopollo
Rich Lo
Rich Lo - преди месец
Anyone want to take a day off on the defensive side?
BlueeberryWaffle - преди месец
Kendrick Bourne is a red zone baller
Riteous Right Hand
Riteous Right Hand - преди месец
He's starting to hang onto the ball better. Another year, he might be a decent #2.
Jonathan D.
Jonathan D. - преди месец
It was nice to actually hear 49ers fans in the Superdome after every TD! #NinerFaithful
Chris Nguyen
Chris Nguyen - преди месец
STFU more like Patriots taint 49ers.
Mr. Perez
Mr. Perez - преди месец
Matthew Burkholder
Matthew Burkholder - преди месец
Wait, who won? I think there is something missing from the end of this video? Haha
Chris D
Chris D - преди месец
Look up Beast in the dictionary and you'll see a picture of George "Austin 3:16 just whooped your ass!" Kittle
Manpreet Bhadani
Manpreet Bhadani - преди месец
George Kittle is better at blocking than any olineman I’ve seen lol.
Chris Paul point god
Chris Paul point god - преди месец
Quenton nelson?
Kenny - преди месец
So the winning field goal is not even shown, horrible way to end this video.
Rule Tom
Rule Tom - преди месец
It's a QB shootout video, I didnt realize the QB thows the football for a FG😂
Leo Marim
Leo Marim - преди месец
MAN, Jimmy G is a god!
Chris Nguyen
Chris Nguyen - преди месец
He below average.
Leo Marim
Leo Marim - преди месец
@luke wilson Just to say, I'm not a 49ers fan. I said what I saw on the video and I know that Brees played really well.
luke wilson
luke wilson - преди месец
brees played better. if brees had 53 seconds and 3 time outs to win the game it would have been a TD. Your 69ers played their tails off though. this george kittle is impressive. Very impressive. He needs to be recruited to the PATS
jerry robinson
jerry robinson - преди месец
Congrats Niners..Saints Defense get your head out of your ass you gave Brees win away dipshites!!