Bisi Johnson Goes UP for a Beautiful TD Catch

Bisi Johnson climbs the ladder to grab a 9-yard touchdown catch from Kirk Cousins. The Detroit Lions take on the Minnesota Vikings during Week 14 of the 2019 NFL season.
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Mike Weber
Mike Weber - преди месец
Great catch for Bisi Johnson. Honored to be at the game!
jaydb313 - преди месец
Hue Yang
Hue Yang - преди месец
Vikings offense and defense sucks It won't take them anywhere this season! Long week to prepared and lost to the Seahawks/ beating the weak teams only. The Corners just too slow got burned too many times!!!!
Nathan Ingle
Nathan Ingle - преди месец
One of the top offenses in the league sucks according to random on internet
Ruben Garcia
Ruben Garcia - преди месец
What a snag
Kaybe Vang
Kaybe Vang - преди месец
UrinatingTree needs to make a new Lions Series
John-boy - преди месец
That was a terrific catch
Michael Oldham
Michael Oldham - преди месец
This is what happens when you don't blitz. The DC has got to go. This bs has killed us all season.
Michael Oldham
Michael Oldham - преди месец
He is Paul Pasqualoni. Back in the day, he was the Head Coach at Syracuse.
Chips Aloe
Chips Aloe - преди месец
who is DC?
Jim Kimpton
Jim Kimpton - преди месец
Ooh he beat the lions secondary. No small feat.
Lilgrandechile - преди месец
How does that couch cushion feel?
Daniel - преди месец
Jim Kimpton Even without the defender this is a hard ball to catch dipshit
Bobby Uttcrumbs
Bobby Uttcrumbs - преди месец
ohyes151 - преди месец
Maverick - преди месец
Skol 💜
Patrick Harty
Patrick Harty - преди месец
Oustanding! SKOL 😆!!!
YeetLife087 - преди месец
Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos
Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos - преди месец
Why is the game delayed?
Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos
Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos - преди месец
I’m not home, but since the Vikings are indoor I have no idea
Brian Weisman
Brian Weisman - преди месец
Mattson just hurdled
OLCtv - преди месец
I ain't mad at first cousins at all.
Docter Hiluluk
Docter Hiluluk - преди месец
🔴 Live now here 👉 « »
C0NFIRMED - преди месец
Stop scamming get a life
Noah and Sara Stone
Noah and Sara Stone - преди месец
Packer Power
Packer Power - преди месец
I hope the Seahawks and Cowboys beat the Rams to help us.
MafiaboysWorld - преди месец
Typical Packtard fan needing other teams to help your lame team. 😂🤣 I hope you lose out, Vikings take the North and Rams get the 6 seed. 🤘😎🤘
Bears Review
Bears Review - преди месец
Packer Power same and i’m a bears fan
360 Cam
360 Cam - преди месец
I hope y’all lose out
Og Adan
Og Adan - преди месец
Packer Power same
N1G Atractz
N1G Atractz - преди месец
Packer Power I’m hoping they lose every game
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass - преди месец
BBC N WORD - преди месец
Hugh Jass not as nice as your username
SINISTERGOD III - преди месец
4 views and 16 likes ?? How?!? Lol
I’m wrong but
I’m wrong but - преди месец
SINISTERGOD III I literally was pooping and saw your comment. you want me to go do a hobby while pooping?
SINISTERGOD III - преди месец
@I’m wrong but no your bored on BGmind getting mad at comments lmao educated yourself and get a life. Sad you waste your time tryna down people who don't take things so seriously. Hope you find a better hobby guy.
I’m wrong but
I’m wrong but - преди месец
SINISTERGOD III why are you adding lol like anything’s funny. I’m just educating ignorant people
SINISTERGOD III - преди месец
@I’m wrong but you seem to have a point to prove here in every video you comment. It's ok text has no context and you don't know me. Hit thumbs up or down and keep it moving. Sorry you wasted your time trying to explain something you don't need to lol
I’m wrong but
I’m wrong but - преди месец
SINISTERGOD III “How?!?” and this is in every comment section. it’s not that difficult to find out why
MRTUPAC 28 - преди месец
Vikings in my opinion can make a deep run in the playoffs ONLY if Cousins elevate his game even more against teams that are over .500.
I pour the Sprite before the cereal, but
I think if Cousins can average 14 touchdowns, Cook average 475 rushing yards a game, and the defense cause at least 27 turnovers per game, we will be easily a top 20 team.
D K E - преди месец
@Andrew Rogers so. Passer rating is overrated
D K E - преди месец
@Patrick Carr against crap teams
tupac Goat
tupac Goat - преди месец
@Patrick Carr no he not
Swish 955
Swish 955 - преди месец
@Andrew Rogers and the 2nd most passing touchdowns in the nfl as of right now
CPDL Klows
CPDL Klows - преди месец
First bro
most underated receiver
most underated receiver - преди месец
Low-key nice
Go Gators
Go Gators - преди месец
Mr Tupac 28 Has no life
stealth - преди месец
Unknown - преди месец
Nice one
PROFESSOR XD - преди месец
Not first