Austin Ekeler POPS OFF for 213 Total Yds & 1 TD | NFL 2019 Highlights

Austin Ekeler had himself a monster day with 101 rushing yards, 112 receiving yards, and a touchdown. The Los Angeles Chargers take on the Jacksonville Jaguars during Week 14 of the 2019 NFL season.
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R6 Steeev88
R6 Steeev88 - преди 19 дни
Is it just me, or is this the most unenthusiastic announcer/commentator out there? 80 odd yard TD and he's silent for half of it.
josh's bullet club
josh's bullet club - преди месец
Worste commentator
My dad works with this guys’ uncle. Fricken small world.
CHEVY B - преди месец
Name a better scat back in the NFL right now better than ekeler. Try
Zach G
Zach G - преди месец
He's more than that. He's a satellite back+ Not saying I think he can carry the whole workload, but I do think he should get about 50% of the touches.
thunderbolts 24
thunderbolts 24 - преди месец
Give this man a raise like 3 year $25m He deserves it ⚡️😉😀
Malcolm Mency
Malcolm Mency - преди месец
Don Soulo
Don Soulo - преди месец
If he doesn't deserve to be in the pro bowl idk who does
Shogunn - преди месец
This dude is the mini LaDainian Tomlinson.
Will Costa
Will Costa - преди месец
Least hype commentator I've ever heard
Chris Smith
Chris Smith - преди месец
Please vote this man to the pro bowl
Matt Cox
Matt Cox - преди месец
Eckler should be the feature back in this offense. He makes Rivers better with more options.
Damian Sooy
Damian Sooy - преди месец
Tbh it's because of Russel Okung's Bitcoin Cleats. Thanks for helping Melvin and Austin win my fantasy game after Davante's sleep week.
Marc Branden Hayes
Marc Branden Hayes - преди месец
Honestly he a good football player.
Cass Money
Cass Money - преди месец
Eckler lead my team with 4 pts win. Ty on to the semis 😎
Yahweh’s Allstars
Yahweh’s Allstars - преди месец
Wow He balled out for my fantasy team!🤩
Julian Sandoval
Julian Sandoval - преди месец
Hey, same here! 😀
Josh Maier
Josh Maier - преди месец
Thank you Bell for sitting out and having me put Ekeler at flex
Jokers R Wild Studios
Jokers R Wild Studios - преди месец
DAMN RIGHT SAME. Semifinals let’s go!!!
Lites - преди месец
GoldBlooded i wish i had a team so good i could flex the #3 RB 😅
GoldBlooded - преди месец
@Lites he's pretty much my every week flex. Mack and McCaffrey were my 1 and 2.
Josh Maier
Josh Maier - преди месец
Tried a league with 4 players, that’s the only way I had that option lol
Lites - преди месец
Flex? Ekeler should be starting every week
xlxcrossxlx - преди месец
I feel like the older announcer wanted the Jaguars to win.
Michael Xavier
Michael Xavier - преди месец
xlxcrossxlx Ya he was mad quiet when ekler went on the fatty td run.
Samps Nasty
Samps Nasty - преди месец
love watching him play so much
Brandon Hill
Brandon Hill - преди месец
Most reliable man on my fantasy team😂
bacon burger on your mom's booty
bacon burger on your mom's booty - преди 27 дни
Same here lol
George Vázquez
George Vázquez - преди месец
Yea man!
Brandon Hill
Brandon Hill - преди месец
GoldBlooded sir I said my fantasy your comment wasn’t needed.
GoldBlooded - преди месец
McCaffrey most reliable rb without question
Kameron Jones
Kameron Jones - преди месец
Brandon Hill right😂
Purple Stingray
Purple Stingray - преди месец
This man puts up numbers like this yet the chargers still try to use gordon. Just let ekeler do the work, gordon lost his touch
Malcolm Mency
Malcolm Mency - преди месец
Eckler doesn't even have 500 rushing yards this season even with this game. He's the most effective in the passing game. We need Gordon As our true running back. But these two are the best duo in the league to me if you keep them together. Y'all really hating on Gordon. He's a beast. You ain't gone Fina alot like him . We already have him might as well keep him
JustARandom Guy
JustARandom Guy - преди месец
cant get austin hurt by giving him every down. with gordon they are a deadly pair. plus Gordon will probably walk at the end of the season so we gotta keep austin healthy
Chargers Crew
Chargers Crew - преди месец
Have you watched Gordon since the Tennessee game?
xShinYama - преди месец
He’s like a mini-mccaffrey
dsmith377 - преди месец
thats my one two combo in my ppr league.
MichaelDemented - преди месец
xShinYama he’s like a sproles
KeepPounding Panthers
KeepPounding Panthers - преди месец
Talk about underperforming teams
Nick T
Nick T - преди месец
Ekeler has been explosive since before Gordon came back. I don't get why the Chargers wasted cap space on the has been Melvin Gordon, the dude has lost his step.
MR.EON_ Shadow
MR.EON_ Shadow - преди месец
he also lost 4 weeks of practice
Jeremy Samuel
Jeremy Samuel - преди месец
Justin Jackson
Malcolm Mency
Malcolm Mency - преди месец
And how is Gordon a has been? This is one season. And he is really only good in the passing game . He has a total of 481 rush yards this season and he's played all season unlike Gordon. You need Gordon for the run game. Eckler has 73 reception so he is effective in the pass game . He is like how Darren sproles used to be. We will make a mistake if we Gordon go. If they give him the ball he we help us. You want to break up the best duo backfield in the league?
Rickey Mickey II
Rickey Mickey II - преди месец
They didn’t waste any space, no new deal yet.
Royce H
Royce H - преди месец
Gordon has been great too the last few games.
jwttwjjwt jwttwjjwt Turner
jwttwjjwt jwttwjjwt Turner - преди месец
Why not #1LSU and #2 Ohio State in the play off rather than slimming their way around a lie a BS lie at that yeah I said it !
Chips Aloe
Chips Aloe - преди месец
lmao and they wasted money on Gordon
Lites - преди месец
no they didn’t, not yet at least
jwttwjjwt jwttwjjwt Turner
jwttwjjwt jwttwjjwt Turner - преди месец
How the screw Ohio State shakes out at number #2 BullShit no way is LSU #1 . There's s some bias in that ranking . Ohio State will beat the U off LS !
Toussaint Chivars
Toussaint Chivars - преди месец
Curtis 23
Curtis 23 - преди месец
Game to remember 🏈😃
VNY D - преди месец
this is why i got clapped in fantasy this week smh
now i gotta compete for 3rd place
ryan blomquist
ryan blomquist - преди месец
@Big Johnny , I had Ekeler, A.J. Brown and Zach Ertz. Prefect timing for fantasy playoffs!
dsmith377 - преди месец
thought he would have been good for 10. he picked up the slack from Snell and into the finals.
VNY D - преди месец
@GetMoney Truett I need 22 points to win , I got Jeffery and Jake Elliot left , its possible
GetMoney Truett
GetMoney Truett - преди месец
Oh also had mixon who had 27 my guys went OFF
GetMoney Truett
GetMoney Truett - преди месец
I went from 4th to first because of his 31.7 and Cooper got me 22. Winston got me 35
MRTUPAC 28 - преди месец
Ekeler if you know what's good you better get away from the Chargers because your performances like this won't be made in the playoffs.
iAteABattery - преди месец
Yours Trulyy
Yours Trulyy - преди месец
dsmith377 Aside from our tackles i think the rest of our line is ok. Tevi and Scott are horrible. Rivers cannot be throwing 7 picks in two weeks tho. Rivers is just the biggest problem not the only problem. O-line i say is 2nd. Oline played their best game stat wise according to PFF against the chiefs yet rivers threw 4 interceptions.
dsmith377 - преди месец
@Yours Trulyy That O line is part of the problem as is injuries. too little to late. watching Pittsburgh maul Rivers was frustrating.
Jake Jordan
Jake Jordan - преди месец
Big Gay Comment
Yours Trulyy
Yours Trulyy - преди месец
We have the playoff roster its just Rivers has literally been bringing us down. He’ll stay a charger.
Briguy Brian
Briguy Brian - преди месец