A Mega Makeup Moment: The Finale - Instant Influencer

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In the season finale of Instant Influencer, the remaining artists are challenged to create the next makeup trend that could take over the industry. Mario Dedivanovic, makeup legend and trendsetter, joins us to give his expert advice. Which artist will win $50,000 and become the world's first Instant Influencer?!
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James Charles
James Charles - преди 17 дни
THERE ARE SPOILER ALERTS IN THE COMMENTS! Pinning this so y'all don't see while watching 👀
Diego T.
Diego T. - преди 15 дни
thank you for reminding me, i almost started scrolling through the comments lmao
seoul tea
seoul tea - преди 17 дни
Too late the top comment told me who didn't win 😔
LilLove-Mari - преди 17 дни
Tamara Simjanoska he did say, *”this season”*
Kenady and Kelista
Kenady and Kelista - преди 17 дни
• c i n n a m o n • Too late sister 😂😂
mona Mona
mona Mona - преди 17 дни
Season 2 should be with more artists and more episodes cuz this was so much fun to watch love you James ❤️
Emilia - преди 12 часа
lmao everyone hates Benny by now in these comments. i did not like his look at ALL i really felt like that was a kindergarten project gone wrong. I'm so proud of Kailin for being supportive the entire time and finally being confident and of Ashley for opening up and staying consistent with her inner artist
Bella Smella
Bella Smella - преди 12 часа
I hated Benny like really when they were sitting down when the girls were sad that one of them can stay Benny was like "it would only be complete if I win" I was like really. Sorry I said hate it is a strong word
Katie - преди 12 часа
"pouring out my heart" ...dude he sounds so scripted what-
Juliette Robinson
Juliette Robinson - преди 12 часа
Oml Benny is SUCH an attention seeker
roblox_ minecraft108
roblox_ minecraft108 - преди 13 часа
i love how the photographer was so supportive with all 3 of themmm :)
Axuamarine - преди 14 часа
25:19 James was like “Benny chile this look told us nothing-“
Blueberry_ Lemon
Blueberry_ Lemon - преди 14 часа
Yeah like Ashley and kailyn. Like everyone could show their personality with theirs
Lily - преди 15 часа
I love how James just knew nieve means snow in Spanish
Jessica Igbokwe
Jessica Igbokwe - преди 15 часа
good job every one
u work for it
tamarra _
tamarra _ - преди 16 часа
I'm beyond happy she won. I was rooting for her from the beginning!! She's amazing!!!💞
cici dancer 13
cici dancer 13 - преди 17 часа
Let's go
Danishmell Beauchard
Danishmell Beauchard - преди 17 часа
Boglárka Tóth
Boglárka Tóth - преди 17 часа
What it means “cookie cutter”? Pls help me xdd
Guillermo Gomez
Guillermo Gomez - преди 17 часа
I think kailin should of won?
Mafalda Costa
Mafalda Costa - преди 18 часа
I´m sorry but, we all can agree that Benny has a very low self-esteem.
Imagine Benny reading all these comments about his behaviour in this finale.
Like yes, he may have had some issues and dramas along the episodes and he may have had an none so creative look to increase his chances to win, but c´mon guys, show him some love despite all of this drama about him!
Even if I didn´t like it too, I´m proud of him!
He actually opened up emocionally and phisically in these series.
He is an talented teen and I wish I could be his friend and learn his make-up skills!
I just, adore him as much as the rest of the contestants, they all have amazing skills and dedication to their art and I hope someday Benny and the rest of the teens become someone famous and relavant one day!
Isabella Blanco
Isabella Blanco - преди 18 часа
anyone watch hyram and cringe at the makeup wipes
kalanisbored - преди 18 часа
at the first episode, Kailin wasn’t much confident enough with her looks, but watching this again, i noticed she’s more confident and happy with her looks and i’m very happy to see that.
Hattie Cleall
Hattie Cleall - преди 18 часа
I love Ashley and benny were amazing but I think kailin should of won xx
London Hayes
London Hayes - преди 18 часа
Benny: don’t try this at home
Me: this is literally supposed to be a trend that your followers can try at home
chelsea franks
chelsea franks - преди 19 часа
with there looks i think that ashley’s look is just way to simple and easy and not really meaningful. bennys look it could’ve been better but idk what else to say about it other then it was good. kailins honestly was my favourite i loved it it had feeling it gave me vibes and i just loved her and her look, was just wonderful and meaningful and inspired me.
YSSSY S - преди 20 часа
No one:
Kailin: tHe dEvil Is aPon US
Ella Green
Ella Green - преди 20 часа
Go kay
Lisa Gillam
Lisa Gillam - преди 21 час
Love 💘💘💘💘💘💘
Briana Butler
Briana Butler - преди 21 час
In my opinion I loved Kaitlins look at the end. She was my favourite and I think she should have won. Don’t be rude pls because it’s my opinion 🤗
alida flus
alida flus - преди 20 часа
Please make a season 2,3,4,5,6, then make all the winners go against each other on season 7 and the ultimate Instant influencer
Briana Butler
Briana Butler - преди 21 час
In my opinion I loved Kaitlins look at the end. She was my favourite and I think she should have won. Don’t be rude pls because it’s my opinion 🤗
alida flus
alida flus - преди 20 часа
Kailin is very beautiful...She deserves the win👑 I also think that benny was a little self-ish!
Susana Caicedo Medina
Susana Caicedo Medina - преди 21 час
I love this show! It was so creative, fun, cute and pretty, I love every aspect of it, thanks James for creating this and congrats to everyone, I love it.
Dani_RobloxPigs - преди 21 час
i finally watched the first season! :D
feuerwehrmann maya
feuerwehrmann maya - преди 21 час
Can we talk about how benny uses his "depression" as an exuse for EVERYTHING
Lucy May
Lucy May - преди 22 часа
benny: *puts cotton balls ripped up on his face* now this is what you call commitment
S - преди 22 часа
This is a competition shoe to find the most vapid douchebags.
Prevailing Right
Prevailing Right - преди 22 часа
Why isn't this called "Freak Show"?
Amore Vull
Amore Vull - преди 23 часа
Word of the day: "Naive"

Gosh I love that girl hahahaha
sierra strawberries
sierra strawberries - преди ден
Benny's neck: 🦒
Emma Bates
Emma Bates - преди ден
Kailen should have won!
Lola Shaw
Lola Shaw - преди ден
I don't even know why I'm here
I don't even know why I'm here - преди ден
Non of those looked like trends lmao
Nyla Cloud
Nyla Cloud - преди ден
Kailins look was my favorite because it had such a good concept and is promoting self love. I think she should have won but oh well
Farida Ragaii
Farida Ragaii - преди ден
I just LOVE all of james’ outfits throughout ALL episodes😍😍
LeBron James Jr.
LeBron James Jr. - преди ден
Kailin is very beautiful...She deserves the win👑
I also think that benny was a little self-ish!
Tablo TuTu
Tablo TuTu - преди ден
Please make a season 2,3,4,5,6, then make all the winners go against each other on season 7 and the ultimate Instant influencer
Rhiannonj_yt - преди ден
I thought katlin should have won!
Jassu - преди ден
Ashley won almost all the challenges. Soo Ashley deserves it
Ivi Georgieva
Ivi Georgieva - преди ден
When they announced her I realized this was the finale😂
robbiewoo - преди ден
"i feel like my emotions really connected to the judges" aka saying " i was crying in hopes they would feel bad for me because i want to be famous for all the wrong reasons". jesus i hate benny
kayleigh x
kayleigh x - преди ден
Wait what, why is her kid like 12, I thought she had a whole assss baby???
barbie the magician Xochitl Sanchez
James: starts...N-
Ad starts
Me: .......
Dawn Pope
Dawn Pope - преди ден
James we need more episodes . I would appreciate a season that lasted a bit longer 😕
natalia mushkudiani
natalia mushkudiani - преди ден
i am sooglad that ashly wonnn i love herrrr she is sooo good person and she is my idol. you and ashlyy!!!
Bonnie Landers
Bonnie Landers - преди ден
This is really good, James. I don’t want to stop watching and this would be something I could see going on Netflix or Hulu. I think it being on YouTube is really personal though and it’s awesome this was free
Lauryn Howell
Lauryn Howell - преди ден
Benny being rude about Mario's criticism really threw me off who, and hearing how sweet Mario was afterward made it worse.
Notyourtxpicalgirl H
Notyourtxpicalgirl H - преди ден
I feel like Ashley is the only one who is really nice of the three because Benny feels to confident and thinks he is kinda the best and same goed for Kaitlin...
Queen Namadala
Queen Namadala - преди ден
Ashley is my winner
Celina Esquer
Celina Esquer - преди ден
YESSSS!!!! I love thissss!!!💖💖
Alexis Gaddy
Alexis Gaddy - преди ден
I’m so happy for Ashley, but kailin should’ve won.
Jassu - преди ден
xoobo vola
xoobo vola - преди ден
Benny: "ThE oThEr GiRlS aRe JuSt WrItInG oN tHeIr FaCe" Also Benny: only painted the top half of his face black
Kewl Kid
Kewl Kid - преди ден
Guys plz stop going off on Benny ok we get it you didn’t like his look or his attitude but at the top of the comments it says be respectful and I know I’m going to get dragged for this but chill out plz
Kewl Kid
Kewl Kid - преди 22 часа
@xoobo vola i see what you did there
xoobo vola
xoobo vola - преди ден
I would totaly do bennys look fir halloween
Faith 103
Faith 103 - преди ден
They all did so well but I really wanted Ashley to win
Ava - преди ден
bro i stg benny says his look "involves a lot of techniques" when it doesn't even stick to the theme there supposed to be following-
olivia stavro
olivia stavro - преди ден
i’m sorry but did benny honestly think that he was gonna win with that look
Lilah Mack
Lilah Mack - преди ден
At 33:50 did Benny really day it would only be complete if HE won?! Like am I missing something or was he being sarcastic because it kinda seemed like he was being for real
Kale - преди ден
Benny is so annoying lmao I couldn’t stand him since day one
Susana Gonzalez Cano
Susana Gonzalez Cano - преди ден
susana 🎓
wasted trash
wasted trash - преди ден
okay y’all ik this boy did not just say “it only feels complete if i win” YALL WTH ashley and kailin literally soooo supportive and then there’s benny 😐
Alyssa S Ayoubi
Alyssa S Ayoubi - преди ден
Jordyn Aponte
Jordyn Aponte - преди ден
Ok but James’s makeup 😍😍😍
Alexandra Kassanis
Alexandra Kassanis - преди ден
Go Benny!! You can win
Alexandra Kassanis
Alexandra Kassanis - преди ден
Hi James I really like this show I saw that you got to see the norris nuts and naz was crying I really want to mite rawwfishing
— omera
— omera - преди ден
6:50 i know exactly what i want and who i wanna be
Lydia Olwell
Lydia Olwell - преди ден
Benny thinks that recreating Ariana Grande's bunny mask is unique. 😂 I don't wanna hate, but he is a little nieve. And also really annoying!
Emily Benavides
Emily Benavides - преди ден
I loved Benny look because it was a bunny and I love bunnies
Anna Ponticos
Anna Ponticos - преди ден
It was so hard between kailin and Ashley, they were both amazing but I think I would be most likely to recreate Ashley’s because you would need less makeup resources
chloe Lol
chloe Lol - преди ден
I would totaly do bennys look fir halloween
10.000 Subscribers Without Videos
10.000 Subscribers Without Videos - преди ден
ashley only won because she has a child and she won like every competition i refuse to believe this isnt scripted
Jessica Mungin
Jessica Mungin - преди ден
I’m sorry but I’m my opinion, a trend, especially a makeup one needs to be something that people can get behind and replicable. Idk about you guys but I’m not putting COTTON and superglue on my face. Benny made a COSTUME. Not a makeup trend. Even though he’s adorable and sweet, All of the other contestants had a good reason about why they wanted to win. I feel like Benny was only in it for the money
Bobby A
Bobby A - преди ден
it was a color look which was personally my favorite because I'm writing this comment while I'm still watching the video.
then there's like a fluffy lock that's really like makes you really humble but also little too extra.
And finally there's the black and white look which I find is really cool but just needed a little more something like the judge just said either maybe one side to be more because of the picture and just really needed some more texture.
GamingWithMishy - преди ден
*benny thinking that he’s gonna win but doesnt* 👁👄👁
Alex Bluemoon
Alex Bluemoon - преди ден
Benny is just like me. Putting on a mask while being super depressed
Bai An
Bai An - преди ден
Alex Bluemoon I feel sorry for him. People are dragging him like he committed a crime.
M- Jay
M- Jay - преди ден
Benny made me cry a little😢
alida flus
alida flus - преди ден
Every year the winner should go back with another six to see if anyone can beat the instant influencer
Arizona M
Arizona M - преди ден
“Commitment🤗” 🥴😑
HeyItsSea - преди ден
Benny is so obnoxious